Teamwork makes the dreamwork  



About the Crew

Shannon Vandivier- Producer & Director of Films

I was born into photography via my father, and professional freelance photojournalist Kevin Vandivier.

From an early age I was trained to offer brand specific messages using visual imagery such as photo & video. The ability to tell stories with a camera is something that has always fascinated me. I love people and the power of friendship. My camera has become a vector to engage those who pass in front of my lens. Growing up with a photojournalist as the same guy who taught me how to catch a snake was a blast. We were always traveling by pavement. My love for everything outdoors took control of me in my young years as a traveling photo assistant.  It always bummed me out that  journalism and corporations had such opposite mentalities at the time.  NO MAS! Here we are in 2018 where brands have all realized the value of association with authentic people and their stories. I've never been more pumped. I founded Cold Collaborative in 2015 with the desire to be film makers who focus only on stories that matter. 

Cold Collaborative is blessed to work with some of the best in the industry. In 2016 myself and Jon "JK" Klaczkiewicz joined forces and he directed our first major Cold Collaborative film, Place of Peace. In 2017 JK also directed our film Beyond The Horizon. He is truly one of the best in the business and I could not have asked for a better mentor to learn from as an eager and not nearly as experienced producer and DP. 

Snap shot of CC > Our internal team is a collective of salty, wind chapped, and excessively hilarious guys that I call my best friends. They are the kind of guys who you can spend 150 days a year with dodging bears, snakes, bugs, and indigenous meals. I couldn't do it without Oliver Rovers, John "Bowen" Parrish, Jordan De Cardenas, and Jared Williams. 

Today as a team we work with brands and agencies around the world including Sitka Gear, Yeti Coolers, Simms, Orvis, Smith Optics, Mathews Archery, GSDM and more. As of 2017, Cold Collaborative produces the Hunt Masters TV series on the Outdoor Channel



Oliver Rogers- He took a 24 hour boat ride for me in 14+ foot seas through known pirate waters in a heavily dominated cartel waterway. I might had that with a RED in one hand he shot through the storm and yakked the rest of the time. They don't make em tougher. 

Bowen Parrish- "The 3rd world kid" He was raised in Bali, Indonesia with some serious stents to Africa under his belt. He as an incredibly gifted eye for film maker. Thats saying something considering he was spit in the eyes by a Cobra. 

Jordan De Cardenas-  Funny story here. Jordan was running field audio during a rather compelling interview in Honduras. He was managing the boom with mic hovering above the subjects head, and is the only man I know to piss his pants because " the interviewee was on a role". LOL man after my own heart. 


Our desire is to insert Cold Collaborative into environments and situations not suitable for large productions teams. Our minimally invasive approaches are geared to provide  our clients with cinematic footage without being intrusive to the elements surrounds us. 

As a standard of providing our clients with state of the art films, our base standard for filming is on the RED platform.